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Learn about the HeartStrong.com program, heart disease and how to get motivated to be healthy!

Healthy Eating

What is the ideal heart healthy way to eat? Gain the knowledge and learn the skill of healthy eating!

Physical Activity

Discover the right type/amount of physical activity and how to have an enjoyable experience exercising!

Wellness and Behavior Modification

Develop the motivation, willpower and other skills to get healthy and stay healthy!

Obesity and Weight Loss

Learn the right way to lose weight and how to keep the weight off for life!

HeartStrong.com Program

The HeartStrong program takes you through 4 phases to get you to ideal heart health!

HeartStrong Heart Health Program

HeartStrong.com Heart Health Program

Achieve optimal heart health, four phase, six month program.
Complete plan, heart health education, healthy eating and exercise.
Clinically proven, cardiologist guided.
Suitable for all situations, including those with heart disease.
Get healthy, lose weight, and improve your overall heart health.

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