Putting it Together

In this HeartStrong.com video/article, we are going to simply take all the concepts from the Phase 4 Healthy Eating Plan and the Phase 4 Exercise Plan and put it together in a schedule for you to follow.

Making Your Schedule – Healthy Eating

Just remember:

  • Continued emphasis on the whole foods plant based diet
  • Fish is completely eliminated
  • No limit on fruit
  • Nuts/seeds no longer limited
  • One half full avocado can be added every day
  • One serving of alcohol can be included daily (up from twice weekly)
  • Whole grain bread, brown rice or whole wheat pasta – not to exceed 4 servings per day

Scheduling Your Physical Activity

Just like you made a healthy eating schedule, make yourself a physical activity schedule as well. Be sure to follow the guidelines in the Phase 4 Physical Activity plan. Just find a way to add in 50 more minutes per week to make the ultimate goal of 300 minutes per week.

Putting it Together

Once you meet these criteria, you have completed Phase 4 and can move to the maintenance phase:

  • Ability to maintain moderate intensity aerobic physical activity for 300 minutes per week
  • Completion of a 10K, half-marathon, triathlon, or 50 mile bike ride
  • Continue strength training twice per week
  • Reach ideal body weight
  • Reach body fat percentage in “Athletic” category (14-20% for women, 6-13% for men)

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