Phase 4 – Physical Activity

Phase 4 – Physical Activity

In this video/article, we are going to discuss the phase 4 physical activity plan. Here are the goals of this plan:

1. Introduce a higher level of physical activity than phase 3

2. Educate you on how to progress to higher levels of activity

3. Work up to at least 300 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic exercise AND 2 days of strength training

4. Burn adequate calories and increase your metabolism (basal metabolic rate) to help you achieve your ideal weight

Just like the phase 4 healthy eating plan, all you have to do in the phase 4 physical activity plan is make a few simple tweaks. Yes, phase 4 increases physical activity even further to 300 minutes per week of moderate intensity aerobic exercise which indeed is a lot.

In phase 4 we are looking to get you to your ideal body weight, which is tough. Here is the level of aerobic exercise to get you there. ©2021

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