Putting it Together

In this HeartStrong.com video/article, we are going to simply take all the concepts from the Phase 2 Healthy Eating Plan and the Phase 2 Exercise Plan and put it together in a schedule for you to follow.

Making Your Schedule – Healthy Eating

This should be much easier than it was for phase 1. Just make some simple tweaks. Check out the HeartStrong.com Example of Phase 2 Healthy Eating Plan here. Remember:

Universal Rules – Phase 2

  • Eliminate all processed foods and junk foods completely – eat real food
  • Eat 3-5 fruits per day
  • Eat unlimited vegetables
  • Eat beans/legumes as your predominate protein source
  • Eat whole grains and potatoes (fat free) in moderation
  • Strive harder to avoid added sugar and oil, eventually eliminate before phase 3
  • One serving of alcohol allowed every other day – not to exceed 3/week
  • Do not overeat in general

Find the recipes that you like or the items on PlantPureNation.com that fit the guidelines and stick to the plan!

Scheduling Your Physical Activity

Just like you made a healthy eating schedule, make yourself a physical activity schedule as well. Be sure to follow the guidelines in the Phase 2 Physical Activity plan.

Putting it Together

Now you have your schedule set up, you should remember to check the boxes off as you go along and be sure to track your progress. Use a calendar to track your weight every day. Also, track your BMI at least once weekly and if you would like, your percent body fat. You know how to do this from all you have learned in the HeartStrong.com videos.

Once you meet these criteria, move to Phase 3:

  • Ability to maintain moderate intensity physical activity for 200 minutes per week
  • Ability to strength train twice per week
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) of 25 or less
  • Ability to stick to the healthy eating plan and achieve the specific goals for your situation

If your are struggling to get the weight off and get your BMI to < 25 despite following the program strictly you have a couple options. First of course you should be seeing your physician to be sure there is no medical illness contributing. Make sure you are not over eating, stop eating when your are full. Many people will just need to cut out the alcohol if you added it back in to phase 2 or cut out those fatty items such as avocado and nuts/seeds a bit.

Take the time to really carefully re-examine the ingredients in everything you eat. You will find sweeteners and oil added in many subtle ways. Really think hard about everything you are putting in your mouth. Every drink, chewing gum and mint will count as they frequently will have added empty calories.

If you make smoothies as your snack or as a meal substitute, cut down the fruit in the juice and increase the vegetable content.

Keep going and you will get there eventually! Be persistent! It will be a great feeling to be able to say to yourself at the end of phase 2…”I am no longer overweight!!!!”

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