Phase 2 – The Progress Phase

In the phase 2 of the program, we will continue to transition you further towards a whole plant based diet, increase the physical activity a bit more and as a result, increase the rewards a bit more as well!

To graduate to phase 3, these goals must be met:

  • Ability to maintain moderate intensity aerobic physical activity for 200 minutes per week
  • Ability to strength train twice per week
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) of 25 or less
  • Ability to stick to the healthy eating plan

Once you are through this phase you will be well on your way to excellent health! You should be feeling energized and perhaps have already reduced or eliminated medications as guided by your physician. Do not stop here, keep moving through the program to your ideal heart healthy state! Now lets talk about what the Phase 2 Healthy Eating plan includes. ©2023