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Welcome to the HeartStrong.com Member’s Information Page

Welcome HeartStrong.com Members! Use this page as your reference to access all that an exclusive HeartStrong.com membership provides.

Exclusive HeartStrong.com Facebook Group Access / Facebook Live with Dr. Steven Lome

Your membership includes exclusive access the HeartStrong.com Facebook group. In this group you can:

  • Post questions, comments, resources for all members to view. Dr. Lome participates and answers questions if needed.
  • View the Facebook Live sessions with Dr. Lome and guest presenters

Be sure to follow group rules. If you do not have a Facebook account, you can create one for free at Facebook.com.

Request access to the HeartStrong.com Facebook Group by clicking “Join Group” here: HeartStrong.com Facebook Group

Access to the HeartStrong.com Four Phase Program

Only HeartStrong.com members can access the HeartStrong.com content including the Four Phase, 6 Month HeartStrong.com program. Just login to your HeartStrong.com, click “HeartStrong.com Program” on the top menu, then on the right side (desktop) or bottom (mobile) you can access the menu to the HeartStrong.com Program including:

Healthy Eating

Physical Activity

Wellness and Behavior Modification

Obesity and Weight Loss

Phase 1 – The Initiation Phase

Phase 2 – The Progress Phase

Phase 3 – The Heart Health Champion Phase

Phase 4 – The Elite Heart Health Phase

Maintenance Phase


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