1.00 – Welcome to HeartStrong.com

Welcome to HeartStrong.com! You have already taken a HUGE step in getting your heart healthy. Simply making the decision to take control of your health is a very important decision to make!

I am Dr. Steven Lome, the cardiologist that will be taking you through your HeartStrong.com Heart Health Program.

Lets take a quick look at what the HeartStrong.com program has to offer including all the resources available to help get your heart in ideal heart healthy condition.

Changing your lifestyle to focus on heart health in specific ways has been shown to halt and even reverse heart disease.

THIS is the ultimate goal of HeartStrong.com!

The HeartStrong.com program will strive to get your heart in the most ideal condition that it could possibly be.

Once you have completed your HeartStrong.com program, you will have more energy, more stamina, frequently will get off many or all of your medications (guided by your physician) and most importantly, you will have cut your heart disease and stroke risk down dramatically.

Simply put…you will live longer!

And not only live longer, but live better with a significantly improved quality of life.

Put these together and you will see how HeartStrong.com will help you prevent, halt and even reverse heart disease!

HeartStrong.com also includes:

  • Facebook Group with cardiologist participation
  • YouTube Channel – visit here
  • Regular news updates in heart health
  • HeartStrong.com Blog

Only YOU have the power to control your own health destiny.

Remember …

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