What Becomes of the Plaque?

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     Gene Pisaneschi 

    Hello. After having a heart attack attack on March 4th of this year, for seven weeks I ate mostly a plant-based diet except for 2 meals of salmon and 2 meals of grilled chicken breast, I was found to have a 95% blockage on a previously stented artery. So upon returning home from my re-stenting (April 28) I have been 100% vegan. I feel very good, I’ve lost 53 lbs. so far, I work out regularly and my cholesterol (LDL)was 47 mid-June. Where does the excess cholesterol, plaque, and the rest of the nasty debris go from my arteries? And is there any risk of a heart attack or stroke from this debris moving “upstream”?

    Thank you for your response!

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