What Becomes of the Plaque?

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     Gene Pisaneschi 

    Hello. After having a heart attack attack on March 4th of this year, for seven weeks I ate mostly a plant-based diet except for 2 meals of salmon and 2 meals of grilled chicken breast, I was found to have a 95% blockage on a previously stented artery. So upon returning home from my re-stenting (April 28) I have been 100% vegan. I feel very good, I’ve lost 53 lbs. so far, I work out regularly and my cholesterol (LDL)was 47 mid-June. Where does the excess cholesterol, plaque, and the rest of the nasty debris go from my arteries? And is there any risk of a heart attack or stroke from this debris moving “upstream”?

    Thank you for your response!

     Steven Lome 

    Thanks for the great question!!!

    The first is where the extra cholesterol plaque goes when heart disease is reversed through diet and lifestyle change. This is difficult to answer with 100% confidence, however the thought is something called “reverse cholesterol transport”. Your HDL cholesterol can actually take cholesterol from plaque to the liver where it can be metabolized and eventually excreted into the bile and eliminated in your stool. Yes…you poop out your heart disease!

    Also, as  inflammation decreases, inflammatory cells decrease in the plaque as well which will give the appearance of a smaller blockage and reversing the overall amount of plaque. Understanding this will help answer your second question. The plaque does not break off and travel downstream causing blockage in smaller arteries. No need to worry about that!

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