"I Just Ate My Willpower"

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     Mona Kelley 

    Dr Lome,

    The Obesity Gun runs in my family and I do not wish to pull the trigger. So, in 2010 I read, “Eat Clean Recharged” which helped me lose about thirty pounds and I was able to keep it off for about seven years. My willpower has been fairly strong up until the past couple of years; even though I live in an unhealthy eating environment. This past year however, I sort of fell off the eat clean wagon. The saying, ” I just ate my willpower” applies to me! I trust with the help of this website and your inspiring videos, I will gain much more than willpower to move me in the right direction toward a long Heartstrong Healthy Life! Much thanks to the Forks Over Knives website for directing me to your HeartStrong.com Program!

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