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About Us

The HeartStrong.com Story

HeartStrong.com was initially conceived by Dr. Steven Lome, a cardiologist with a passion for heart disease prevention. He authored LearnTheHeart.com in 2003 (now a part of Healio.com) which quickly became the #1 free online cardiology education resource for students teaching thousands of students cardiology every day.

As Dr. Lome went through his cardiology training, he clearly saw a lack of emphasis on prevention of heart disease using natural methods such as healthy eating, behavior modification, and incorporating physical activity into the daily lives of patients. He said “I found that doctors were more focused on making the correct diagnosis and giving the right medication, which is important of course, but they just did not spend time with patients to help them take control of their health and prevent future heart problems the natural way. I want to change that.”

Nutrition, specifically heart disease reversal with plant based nutrition and lifestyle change was never taught. When Dr. Lome watched Forks Over Knives on Netflix, his career path changed forever. Read more about his story here.

The goal of HeartStrong.com is to prevent heart disease the natural way. It is that simple. The World Health Organization says that 80-90% of heart disease is preventable and that number may be an underestimate. The HeartStrong.com puts you control of your own health destiny. Guided by board certified cardiologists dedicated to heart disease prevention, HeartStrong.com educates you on the right things to do for heart health and provides you with a customized, 4 phase, 6 month program to get your heart in the best shape possible. The program incorporates behavioral modification, healthy eating, physical activity as well as education about heart disease all put together in an evidence based way.

Read more about Dr. Lome’s story here.

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