5.43 Avoid Junk Food

Simply avoid bad foods. Foods that are high in fat, high in refined carbohydrates, low in fiber or are simply high in calories in general such as food with added oil or sugar, are not healthy options in a weight loss plan. Could you lose weight if you ate a low daily calorie amount of junk food? Absolutely you could, but it is not easy AND it is not healthy. This may result in vitamin and mineral deficiencies and of course is NOT something that you could or should maintain long term. It is NOT a good idea to go on the “Twinkie diet”. A few years back a nutrition professor made news by losing weight eating only Twinkies. He was able to lose weight since he only ate a small amount of calories. Being the nutrition professor that he was, he understood well how to supplement his diet with protein and the right vitamins and minerals to avoid malnutrition. This is NOT something that is ever recommended by any healthcare professional including HeartStrong.com.

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