5.37 Obesity and Weight Loss Summary and Conclusions

The guidelines summarized:

  • Clinicians should diagnose and advise on overweight/obesity with BMI > 25 being considered overweight and BMI > 30 obese
  • The higher the BMI the higher heart disease and death risk
  • Even 3-5% weight loss has benefits. More is better.
  • Women 1200-1500 and men 1500-1800 cal/day with 500-750 calorie deficit
  • Comprehensive lifestyle program then maintenance program
  • Weight loss surgery if BMI > 40 and behavioral modification fails
  • Multiple diets have evidence to support them
  • Diets have in common calorie deficit, moderate to high in healthy (not refined) carbs, high fiber, low fat

Remember, on a whole foods plant based diet it is almost impossible to overeat calories so worrying about a having a calorie deficit is really not needed. It is not always the number of calories that you eat, but the quality of the foods that matter. Avoid processed foods, refined carbs and potatoes, meat and added sugar at all costs.

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