5.04 Don’t Get Frustrated and Reward Yourself

Everyone has their weaknesses. We are only human. It is difficult to stick 100% to any plan without a little indulging. You need to enjoy your life of course! The HeartStrong.com program understands this and will allow some rewards here and there, but lets not allow those rewards to be unhealthy food binges that result in poor health. Make those rewards a special gift to yourself or some extra alone time. Do not make those rewards a double cheeseburger. Remember, moderation kills. We should not be doing things that are harmful to our health in moderation. We do not smoke cigarettes in moderation and we should not eat cholesterol in moderation. Bad things should be zero.

So there you have it. We are in the process of laying down the foundation to get you to your weight loss goals. Upcoming in your program will be many more videos including developing motivation and willpower, weight loss tips and tricks and keys to safe weight loss. Up next…Basic Concepts of Weight Loss.

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