5.02 Lifestyle Change

In this HeartStrong.com video/article we are going to discuss the concept of lifestyle change which is critical to understand to be successful long-term. Of course long-term needs to be the focus. Many people can use willpower for a month or two or can go on a fad diet for a short time and lose weight, but ultimately this strategy will fail. Previously in the HeartStrong.com program, we discussed Playing The Guitar. If you have not seen that video/article go back and do it now.

In general, learn the skill of a healthy lifestyle. Learn how to make healthy meals and how to enjoy being physically active on a regular basis. Be honest with yourself and say “I am going to give up ______ forever”, since stopping your bad habits only temporarily will lead you to gaining the weight back after you lost it, which is the last thing that we want. For example, you need to say “I am giving up regular soda forever” or other sugar food items and stick to it. Say things like “I am going to exercise for 1 hour per day Monday through Friday consistently.”

Making your HeartStrong.com program a complete lifestyle change will help you to avoid the yo-yo effect that so many people go through (gain weight then lose weight, then gain weight then lose weight). We can’t let this happen. It is very important to keep this in mind to keep you on a heart healthy path for the rest of your life!

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