4.55 I Have Orthopedic Problems or a Medical Condition

Orthopedic problems can significantly limit your ability to exercise and burn off calories, but there are ways around it. Also, orthopedic problems DO NOT stop you from eating healthy.

See the dedicated video in the exercise section addressing “How To Exercise Despite Orthopedic Problems”.

Now, there are a wide array of medical conditions that can make it difficult to lose weight. I am not going to lie to you, but if you have certain conditions, it will be very tough to drop the pounds. Any condition where your doctor prescribes steroids regularly such as asthma or an autoimmune disease can result in gaining weight. You just have to be even more strict with your diet and have the willpower, which is difficult.

Since there are so many different medical conditions that can affect your nutrition, exercise ability and the ability for you to lose weight, you really need to address this with your doctor that knows your specific medical situation.

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