4.54 Exercise Hurts

Exercise really shouldn’t hurt. While it is true that when you first start an exercise program and begin using muscles that you haven’t used for many years, you will get a little sore. This is called “delayed onset muscle soreness” and happens 24-48 hours after working muscles hard. This is normal and will go away. The next time you exercise with those muscles you will not feel the same discomfort.

Even the joints can be a bit sore when you first start exercising. The pain should not be severe, just annoying and aching. If it is severe, see your doctor, otherwise wait it out then go exercise again and you will notice all the discomfort gone.

When I first started running I had significant soreness in my leg muscles and in my knees. It was moderately bad, but not severe. I rested a day or two, then ran again and pretty quickly all the discomfort was gone and I felt much better.

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