4.53 Nobody Supports Me

Having the support of friends and family is very important for you to reach any goal. Why would nobody support you? Make it clear to them that this is a priority in your life and if they still don’t support you, start using your willpower to show them that you can do it without them. Hopefully, they will pick up some of the same healthy habits as you and they will see your awesome results, then jump on the bandwagon and get healthy themselves.

Research does show that your health is affected by the habits and the health of the 5 closest people in your life. If they all eat poor, you probably do too. Try your best to surround yourself with people who have healthy eating habits and exercise regularly. They will rub off on you and make your heart healthy path much easier.

If you can’t find anyone at home that supports you, then turn to the HeartStrong.com forum and you will find support there! We are all in this together to keep ourselves healthy.

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