4.48 But I Am Very Active at Work and at Home – I Don’t Need to Exercise

Well, despite how much you do at home and at work, you are still overweight or obese, otherwise you wouldn’t be watching this video. Don’t think to yourself that the only reason you are overweight/obese is because of a poor, high calorie diet.

It certainly is true that you can become overweight/obese if your diet is poor, despite being very physically active at work and at home. But adding more scheduled regular exercise to your day is still important. If you are overweight/obese you need to burn off MORE calories and it is that simple.

For example, most people burn about 400 calories with their daily activities. That is the average person. The average person does some yardwork, cleans at home and has a moderately sedentary job. If you are above average with your activity level at home AND at work, perhaps you burn 600-800 extra calories per day, a very active physical person maybe 1000 calories. While this is great, remember that it is 3500 calories that is 1 pound, so increasing the amount you burn through exercise will STILL help you get to your goal faster.

If you are doubting how many calories you burn off daily, go and get one of those FitBits or Apple Watches that can track your daily calorie burn through activity and see where you fall. You might be surprised that you actually burn off less than you think

Even if you are active at home and work, still find some extra time to do some scheduled exercise. It will keep you healthier and help you reach your weight loss goals more quickly.

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