4.47 I Am Not Overweight – I Am Big Boned

So what is being big boned? Meaning, your bones weigh more than other people? Your body frame is larger? Well okay, that may be the case to some degree. Regardless of this, we know that your body mass index (BMI) still correlates with heart disease and overall death risk.

Give yourself 5 pounds more compared to the normal person your gender and height if you think you are significantly “big boned”. This means if you think you are “big boned”, subtract 5 pounds from your weight and see if you are still overweight or obese. Do the BMI calculation again with the adjusted weight. Still overweight? It’s not just being “big boned”, it is extra fat tissue and some extra muscle tissue as well that accounts for the weight.

While it is true that some people have a larger frame, it is not the weight of the bones that reflects on the scale, it is increased fat surrounding those bones. Do not fall into the mistake seeing your BMI in the obese category and shrug your shoulders and say “it’s okay, I’m big boned”.

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