4.45 But I Just Can’t Give Up … (Favorite Food)

Ice cream, soda, milk, other sweets, bread, pizza, alcohol…it is quite common for someone to be overweight simply due to ONE of these unhealthy foods that are packed with calories.

Eating large amounts of any unhealthy food is an addiction. Just like any other addiction like smoking cigarettes or being an alcoholic. If you are overeating one high calorie food or drink, then you need to treat yourself like an addict. First get over the denial and realize the problem. Then write down how you can solve this issue such as “I am just not going to buy soda anymore, then I won’t drink it”. If you think that you can’t give something up, you are wrong. The first couple days of cutting out a high calorie source can cause a sort of withdrawal, but you can get over it quickly. Just wait it out for a day or two and you will feel better. Remind yourself, that drinking a six pack of soda daily is no different than smoking a pack of cigarettes for your health and heart risk.

During the HeartStrong.com program, you never have to completely give up anything you love, just everything in moderation.

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