4.44 I Love to Eat

We all love to eat! That is human nature. We just need to be able to control what we eat and not overeat. Remember what we said in the video “How Human Instinct Works Against Us”? Once you get over that 24-48 hour hump of a lower calorie diet, the hunger pains and urges lessen dramatically. You will still love to eat, but you just have to cut back portions. The HeartStrong.com program for those who are overweight/obese stresses eating healthy 5 days out of the week, then allowing yourself to eat what you want in reasonable portions the other 2 days.

Another way around this is to suck it up for a few months, get the weight off initially, then in the process get yourself better at high intensity exercise. If you can burn off 500-1000 calories per day (for example walking 5-10 miles per day) which is a lot, then you can eat a lot and not gain weight. Take a look at this picture. This is supposedly Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte’s lunch which consists of 11,000 calories.

I’m not sure how he eats that, but he exercises so much that he can do this and stay thin and healthy. But be careful and watch things closely if you take this approach. You have to always keep a somewhat healthy diet. Most people are not Ryan Lochte and experts always say that you simply can’t out exercise your diet if your diet is bad.

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