4.42 My Family is All Overweight so it Must be Genetic

This is actually not true in a large majority of cases. It is rare for obesity syndromes to be genetic. Even when a whole family is obese, it still comes down to the basics. You will find the whole family has poor dietary habits and a lack of physical activity. Parents that eat unhealthy and don’t exercise will have children who eat unhealthy and not exercise.

While it is true that some people may have a “larger appetite” than others, this still comes from how they were raised and not necessarily a genetic factor of genetic mutation in most cases. Most people with “larger appetites” simply have them because that is how they were raised. They still have the same physiology and hormonal responses as everyone else, so it can be overcome.

Personally, my family was all overweight. My parents and my sister all were over 300 lbs. I was getting there myself as well. I can tell you straight out that when my dad was younger and running for exercise, he was as skinny as a stick. When he stopped, he gained weight. My parents, my sister and myself all had very poor dietary habits and we never exercised at all. It is not genetic in my situation, just environmental like it is for a large majority of families that are all overweight.

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