4.11 How Stress Affects Health

Having high stress levels has a major negative impact on your health. Stress affects sleep and it is well known that good sleep is important for good health. People indulge in unhealthy foods or other unhealthy habits to cope with the stresses in life quite frequently. When stress levels are high and energy levels are low, people have less motivation to stay active and exercise. It is much more difficult to keep healthy habits.

Think about a life with no stress at all. No responsibility and no pressure to do anything. Everything you need is there for you. This would make it quite easy to focus on your health, wouldn’t it? You would have time to exercise and there would be no stress eating at all. Unfortunately, this is not reality for most.

Research has shown clearly that people with higher stress levels are more likely to have poor eating habits, gain weight, have higer blood pressure and higher cholesterol levels. Dealing with the stress in your life is a critical component to being healthy. Hopefully, after this video, you will be on your way to lower stress and better health.

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