4.02 Having a Positive Attitude/Mindset

Your overall attitude and feelings toward a lifestyle change will have a big impact on your success. If you start the program with a negative attitude or with the mindset that this is something that you simply “have to do” and not actually “want to do” then you are setting yourself up for failure.

You need to think positive about this change in your life and focus on the benefits that you will see. Believe in yourself. Everyone can be successful if they put their mind to it. You will find that along with this new positive mindset, you will find new positive results. There is no question that positive things happen to positive people.

See this journey as a fun challenge that will ultimately give you great rewards. No different than other major challenges you have faced in your life that you have overcome. Perhaps you earned a college degree or worked on some other large project and completed it successfully. That is a major accomplishment. You set your mind to it and did it! This is no different.

Perhaps you have overcome major adversity such as a life-threatening health condition or economic hardship. Whatever it is, getting heart healthy is another challenge to add to that list and it is one that you can conquer! Do not underestimate what you can do! Getting healthy WILL be one of the best things you have ever done for yourself.

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