4.01 Self-Compassion

Having self-compassion is perhaps the most important factor to being successful sticking to a healthy lifestyle. If you “blame” yourself for your current unhealthy lifestyle or weight and consider yourself a “failure” for getting to where you are, then any setbacks that you run into throughout your journey to becoming healthy may cause you to get demotivated and give up because you consider them failures.

While there are many reasons for why people become unhealthy, it is never truly that individual’s “fault”. Our upbringing, human instinct, culture, bid industry and improper government subsidies/policies play a very large role in our health and can frequently work against us.

Don’t try to reason why you are where you are. Focus on how you are going to improve your life. Realize you are doing this more for your own well being and not for anyone else. Know that you love yourself and that you want to be the best that you can be. Having this self-compassion will help you be successful.

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