3.85 Mix it Up

Some people find a type of exercise that they love and stick to it forever. This is great since it keeps it simple and you can really progress at the one activity you love to do. For those who can’t seem to find one thing, mixing up what you do can help quite a bit and relieve some boredom.

Start with what you think you like and if you reach a plateau or just don’t feel as motivated to do that activity, pick something else! There are many fun activities to try.

You can also mix up the location that you exercise. For example if you like to walk or run, get in the car first and drive to a nice forest preserve or a beach area and walk or run there. Make a vacation where you travel specifically to somewhere that you think you would like to exercise, such as the mountains where you can get your walking in via hiking trails or cycle on mountain paths. Visit the ocean where you can run on the beach. Just avoid the monotony of doing the same activity over and over instead of just getting demotivated and stopping physical activity all together!

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