3.73 Bicycling

While bicycling is an excellent exercise for heart health, it does require the most equipment and maintenance of all the aerobic exercises unless you are sticking to indoor cycling. Some things you must have to cycle outdoors enough for heart health, include a properly fitted bike, a helmet, protective eyewear, and a kit to change a flat tire. DO NOT use headphones or listen to music while cycling. You may not be able to hear cars coming, which can lead to a dangerous situation. Lastly, be sure to get yourself a comfortable bike seat or your rear end will get sore quickly.

BicyclingBe sure to explore new places and mix up your cycling routes to prevent boredom. Ride your bike to work or sign up for a charity ride once you get going. There are many groups of cyclists that would absolutely love to have you join them. Use their expertise to get going.

Also, you could use a stationary bike either in the comfort of your home or at the gym. “Spinning” classes are quite popular and are included in many gym memberships. If you want to invest the money, there are excellent spinning stationary bicycles that you can get at home which allow you to participate in live classes over the internet! The best is made by Peloton Cycling.

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