3.62 Women vs. Men and Strength Training

While the recommendations for strength training in men versus women do not technically differ (both should strength train twice weekly), there are some important points to mention.

Experts universally recommend that women strength train exactly the same as men. That means the same exercises, same number of reps/sets and similar concepts in regards to how much weight you use depending on your strength.

Women will not become “masculine” or look more like a man even if they strength train to an extreme degree. The gender differences in looks are due to hormones and strength training does not change the differing balance of hormones between men and women.

The last thing to note is that women, in general, will not be able to lift as heavy weights as men, especially in the upper body. Women and men are physically designed differently. However, the lower body strength of women is much closer to that of men. Regardless, the concepts discussed below still hold true for both men and women.

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