3.61 How to Approach Strength Training

Strength training can be fun and rewarding. Do not think of strength training as “bodybuilding”. These are two completely different things. Bodybuilders as simply looking to make their muscles as large as possible for physique and for their competitions. Strength training on the other hand is done to tone muscles, make them stronger and is for health benefits, including heart health.

Do not think of going to the gym and “lifting weights” as only for big guys who frequently take steroids to build muscle. Strength training for women and the elderly is extremely important and common as well. It does NOT have to be overly strenuous or exhausting. Do not feel intimidated at all.

If you are hesitant to start strength training at a gym, not a problem! You can do a complete strength training routine at home just with some exercises using your own bodyweight and some dumbbells.

Remember to have fun with strength training. Take it easy and light to begin with. Any exercise routine you do that makes you hurt or uncomfortable is NOT one you will keep up for life. It takes time, at least 6 months, to see significant results (although you will notice some improvements after 1-2 months). So take it slow and be sure to stick to it for your own heart health.

One last note, heart rate is NOT a good way to determine the intensity of a workout during strength training, since it fluctuates a bit. Follow the rules below and you will assure yourself a good workout.

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