3.43 Figure Out Exercises You Love

Enjoying your physical activity is absolutely critical to keeping yourself healthy for life. Never choose to do something that you dislike just for the sake of getting healthy since you eventually stop and all the health benefits will disappear.

While it is true that you can learn to like certain activities that you do not think you would enjoy, such as running or strength training, it is still important to incorporate activities that you like.

If you like to play tennis, be sure to fit this into your schedule. If you like to bike, great! Cycling is an excellent aerobic activity. Think about the activities you liked to do as a child, then get back to them! Just remember that an exercise program has to incorporate both aerobic exercise and strength training.

What if you just do not like to exercise? Well that may be true, but unfortunately as you know exercise is absolutely critical to heart health. Your body was made to be active. Pick the activities that you think you will like the best and if you find out you don’t, switch it up!

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