3.09 Burning the Right Number of Calories During Exercise

Knowing how many calories that you burned during an exercise session is very important. Quite a few people will feel like they did a great workout walking a mile, which is indeed a good achievement for many. The problem is walking a mile may have only burned about 100 calories (depending on certain factors). Remember that 1 pound of weight is 3500 calories, so you may have to walk 35 miles to lose 1 pound!

Aim to burn at least 300 calories per session and hopefully more eventually. Everyone is different where they are at when they start. If you can only burn 100 calories to begin with, that is okay. But aim to slowly progress to at least 300 calories and perhaps more in the long-term.

Doing exercise that is very low intensity, but for a long period of time can be helpful. Many people go out and start jogging, then feel exhausted. Be sure that you can talk in full sentences during your aerobic exercise. If you don’t have enough breath to do this, then your exercise intensity is too high and you need to slow down. If you keep at this low level, you will be surprised how long you can go before you feel like you have to stop.

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