3.00 HeartStrong.com Exercise Program and Basics of Exercise for Heart Health

In this HeartStrong.com video/article we are going to talk about basic concepts of exercise for heart health and the approach that HeartStrong.com takes to an exercise program with an ultimate goal of achieving optimal heart health.

Maybe it is better not to use the word “exercise” at all as this tends to make people think about going to the gym, sweating like crazy and getting quite fatigued from their workout. A better term to use would be “Physical Activity.”

Being physically active can be quite fun and enjoyable…or it can be a chore and stressful depending on how you approach it. HeartStrong.com strives to help you design a physical activity program that you enjoy AND one that you can keep up for life.

Keeping yourself physically active is crucial to optimal heart health. Exercise can help you burn the calories that you need to keep your weight healthy. Even if your weight is already normal, regular physical activity still has very significant beneficial effects to prevent heart disease and lower the risk of heart attack.

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