2.71 USDA – Grains

The USDA Food Plan wants half of your grain consumption to be whole grains and thus avoiding refined and processed carbohydrates. The serving size should be 6 ounces when maintaining a 2000 calorie diet. Ideally you should eat NO refined or processed carbohydrates, but the USDA guidelines do not go that far for the reasons mentioned previously (industry influence).

The idea that the USDA would even allow any refined carbohydrates at all is mind boggling. These are not health promoting foods. White bread, white rice, refined pasta, donuts, pretzels…not good for you. Foods that have negative health consequences should not be consumed “in moderation”. They simply should not be consumed at all. Do they recommend smoking cigarettes “in moderate”? Absolutely not. Cigarettes are not good for you…avoid them completely. The same should go for other foods that do not promote good health such as refined carbohydrates. Refresh your memory on carbohydrates here.

Below is a figure from the USDA showing their recommend consumption of whole grains versus refined grains and what American’s actually eat:

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