2.54 WFPB – What to Eat on a Whole Food Plant Based Diet

Many people ask, “If I can’t eat meat, dairy or add sugar/oil/salt to my food, what is left?” People have the misconception that they will end up starving by eating a whole food plant based diet and will not get all the nutrition you need. On the contrary, you can eat all you want in this matter until you’re completely full with a large variety of different foods and you will get all the nutritional requirements that you need. There is no need to count calories which is the best part.

There are more than 100,000 edible plants that you can discover and incorporate into your diet. How many animals are used in the standard American diet? Usually 5 or less. The possibilities are completely endless.

On a whole foods plant-based diet you can eat fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts/seeds and whole grains. This may initially seem a bit restrictive to many people, however when they see what they can truly eat they are quite surprised.

Take the time to explore recipe websites in our Plant Based Resources page and you will so many wonderful, tasty and nutritious options it will blow your mind.

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