2.33 Hydrogenated Fats/Oils

Hydrogenated fats are artificially produced. These are usually derived from unsaturated vegetable oils when hydrogen atoms are forced chemically into the unsaturated fats by this process called hydrogenation, which can be partial or full.

Why you ask? Adding hydrogen to these fats make them more solid at room temperature. This makes them less perishable and a good substitute for butter, which is perishable. Hydrogenated oils are commonly used in baking goods to extend their shelf-life and they also result in a crisp and flaky crust. Hydrogenated oils can withstand heat very well and thus have been used in restaurants and the food industry for frying foods.

Hydrogenated oils by themselves may or may not be bad for your heart health. But what we do know is that the process of hydrogenation creates a significant amount of “trans fats”. We do know that trans fats have a significant negative impact on heart health.

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