1.03 – HeartStrong.com Program Summary

After you have completed the Introduction, Healthy Eating, Physical Activity, Behavior Modification and Obesity and Weight Loss modules, then you can move on to starting your HeartStrong.com 4 phase, 6 month program. In this video we will give you a sneak peak at what is to come.

The HeartStrong.com program has specific goals that you need to meet to graduate from one phase to the next. Here is a sneak peak at the program:

Phase 1 – The Initiation Phase:

This phase gets you going quickly so you can see results fast. By the time you start phase 1, you will have already learned healthy eating, so we will incorporate a balanced, heart healthy eating plan. We will get you going on a specific exercise schedule, but of course you choose the type of exercise, HeartStrong.com will just guide you with the intensity and duration.

Phase 2 – The Progress Phase:

This phase focuses your healthy eating even more, but still gives rewards for sticking to the plan. The physical activity duration increases slowly with specific guidance to help you be successful and safe.

Phase 3 – The Heart Health Champion Phase:

Here we start to get more intense. The physical activity increases in duration OR intensity based on your schedule, but along with that increased activity comes even more rewards with your diet.

Phase 4 – The Elite Heart Health Phase:

This is where major progress is made and you will excel past most “healthy” people. This phase is hard to complete and increases the duration/intensity of physical activity even more while adjusting healthy eating to meet the significant nutritional demands that your body needs with this level of exercise.

Maintenance Phase:

This is a program customized by YOU, guided by HeartStrong.com to help you find the balance of physical activity and healthy eating that you should stick to forever including how you can be sure to keep yourself in heart healthy condition for the rest of your life!

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