1.01 – How to Approach Your Heart Health Program

Getting healthy does take some effort. There is no “magic pill” or “easy fix” to heart disease. Not to worry, HeartStrong.com will give you all the tools and resources to make it as easy as possible! Start your journey getting educated about the right things to do, then develop the skills and execute your plan!

Be sure to have a positive mindset and attitude towards getting healthy. Think of this as a challenge and a new journey in your life with multiple rewards and benefits that we will discuss shortly!

You will likely be surprised about many of the recommendations given by the American Heart Association, the USDA and the Centers for Disease Control to prevent heart disease and how these recommendations may actually not always be ideal. These organizations tend to recommend what they think is “realistic” for Americans, but not necessarily ideal for heart health. Their recommendations can be influenced by the food industry and politics which confuses people trying to get as healthy as they possibly can. HeartStrong.com will get you going in the right direction!

Do NOT doubt the science and research behind the HeartStrong.com program or think, “Thats CRAZY!!!” since many things that you think are normal healthy things to do or to eat may not be.

You may have lived your whole life with one specific mindset…and it is understandable that it is hard to change your habits. Keeping an open mind to a new way of living, thinking, eating and a new overall lifestyle in general is critical to getting rid of old unhealthy habits and moving toward a more healthy path. HeartStrong.com will teach you the ideal heart healthy strategies and help you develop the right healthy habits. Do NOT assume that you think that you know what being “heart healthy” means.

Lastly, do NOT think that your health is too poor to turn around through lifestyle changes. It may have taken you decades of unhealthy choices to get to the point that you are at right now. You will end up realizing by the end of the program that it was NOT your fault that you are not in ideal heart health. Here starts the path to good health. Remember…

“The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it” – Moliere

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